What Is Web Hosting?

In simple words web hosting means the processing which the web site is published so as to be visible by the world. In free web hosting occasionally we see advertisements and other data posted on our website but in paid web hosting this is not the case. The user is free from the unnecessary ads and also has a domain for itself. A domain name is the addressor the user’s website. It is composed of the numbers and alphabets and this domain name has to be registered before being accessible to the online visitors.

Virtual Web Hosting

Shared or virtual hosting means that the web hosting company should have more than one server that runs the websites. This is the least expensive way to get a real web site. Moreover one can have their own IP address and the looks of the website also remain same without changing. Shared or virtual hosting is the most preferred for most of the web sites. Moreover there are other options for web hosting like doing it yourself web hosting. In this option the whole computer is the users and they can do anything like installing their own software and also many a times modifying it. But of course this is an expensive affair.

Collocation Web Hosting

This and dedicated web hosting go hand in hand. But in the collocation server is owned by the user. Physical space is provided by the hosting company and also the server is taken care of. The most power packed and expensive web hosting is the collocation web hosting. Moreover mostly the collocation web hosting service providers do not assist the user directly in any way. But the electrical supply and internet access and also the storage facilities are provided by the web host .moreover the hardware up gradation is done by the client’s administrator on the site.

Steps for Web Hosting

Firstly find a suitable web host that fits all the needs. The second step will be signing up with the web host after paying the desirable amount. The web hosting site confirms the request and sends some domain names along with the temporary name of the website. Upload althea html, and graphics of the website designed from the hard drive to the website host by file transfer protocol (FTP) or by using frontage or the control panel of the website. Within48 hour’s maximum the client can see their domain with the original name, but temporarily it can be viewed by the name provided by server

Obtaining Web Hosting

Web hosting is often provided as part of a general Internet access plan; there are many free and paid providers offering these types of web hosting. The client needs to search proper web host before starting. The considerations taken in account are software of the database, scripting software and also the type of operating system the web hosting service uses...the widest variety of software is offered in LINUX. Moreover many web hosting companies provide e-mail services also and a huge memory for storage of databases too. Sometimes a customer may want to choose windows itself as the hosting platform. Hence keeping a balance between the web hosting service and the clients need the method of web hosting is selected and the website is posted on the World Wide Web.