Web Hosting

Good web hosting is the process of loading the client’s data or web page on the website after considering all requirements of the user and client. Web hosts provide space on their own server and often also provide internet connectivity. Moreover the web hosts can also provide data centres for the clients.web hosting services can be solely for file transfer we that is a single file is transferred only or it may involve business web site hosting which is very expensive as compared to personal hosting which is typically free. The user is free from the unnecessary ads and also has a domain for itself. A domain name is the addressor the user’s website. It is composed of the numbers and alphabets and this domain name has to be registered before being accessible to the online visitors.

Domain Name

The first step in web hosting is choosing a domain name. It is the place where the website is located. This domain name issued to access the website from internet explorer or Netscape. The extensions of the domain name differ. Like for e.g. .com means used for commercial web sites. Non-profit organisations use .org, governmental sites have the extension as .gov. hence due to the extension website can be easily differentiated. Moreover the domain name should be catchy and innovative. Moreover it should not be having any trademarked companies similar domain name. Domain name should be registered separately by companies such as stargate.inc and GoDaddy.com

Virtual Dedicated Servers

This server divides server resources into virtual servers, where the data can be assigned in such a way that it will not affect the hardware. It has a relationship of one server to many servers and is allocated resources in that way too. Moreover making it virtual is done due to many reasons. The users can access the virtual space having their own slot on it. Customers themselves are often responsible for the maintenance of the website and also for patching it up.

What Is Uptime?

The percentage of time the web hosting web site works is called uptime. If any we host claims to have 99% of average uptime then it means that the site will be down for about 2 hours per month. This data about the web hosts uptime is displayed on the hosts detail page. Moreover some web hosts do offer guarantee for the uptime

Virtual Web Hosting

Shared or virtual hosting means that the web hosting company should have more than one server that runs the websites. This is the least expensive way to get a real web site. Moreover one can have their own IP address and the looks of the website also remain same without changing. Shared or virtual hosting is the most preferred for most of the web sites. Moreover there are other options for web hosting like doing it yourself web hosting. In this option the whole computer is the users and they can do anything like installing their own software and also many a times modifying it. But of course this is an expensive affair